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Regeneration of the top areas of grooved roll - by producing hardened area of specific maximum thickness and width

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DD 1986-290370 A: 19860520
DE 1987-3711450 A: 19870404
DE 3711450 C2: 19970130
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The invention relates to the field of the metal- working industry. The objective of the invention is to lower the costs of regenerating corrugated rollers. The invention is based on the task of producing a corrugated roller which no longer has hardened zones on the corrugations when the limit of wear is reached and a process for hardening the surfaces of the corrugations. According to the invention, this task is solved by the fact that a hardness zone maximum 0.4 mm thick and shaped in the form of a sickle is arranged on the crest of the corrugation. The width of this zone is limited by both sides of the corrugation flanks under an angle of 45 degrees to the tangent applied to the crest plane of the corrugation. The task is solved by a process for surface hardening by means of energy-rich radiation, in particular CO<2 cw laser beams. The crest area of the corrugation is axially radiated by the laser beam according to the invention. The aperture angle of the radiation cone is adjusted t o >= 25 degrees and the laser spot diameter is adjusted at least to double the width of the hardness zone. The field of application of the invention are corrugated rollers as used for the production of corrugated cardboard or similar.


DE 3711450 A UPAB: 19970307 Worn top surfaces of grooved rolls are renewed by producing a hard area (2) having a max. thickness of 0.4 mm and a width (3) determined by the tangent to the grooved surface from a plane cutting across the top of the groove equal to 45 deg.. The wear experienced by the roller corresponds to the shape of the hardened area therefore any soft annealing prior to machining is avoided. The energy beam used for hardening is pref. a CO2 laser and the ridge area is axially radiated such that the opening angle of the beam cone (7) is min. 25 deg. and the spot diameter is adjusted to be at least twice the width of the hardened zone (3). USE/ADVANTAGE - In grooved rollers used for producing corrugated paper.