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Page description languages

: Schönhut, J.

Purgathofer, W.; Schönhut, J. ; European Association for Computer Graphics -EUROGRAPHICS-:
Advances in Computer Graphics V : Based on tutorials and seminars held at the Eurographics Conferences, held in Hamburg in September 1989
Heidelberg: Springer, 1989 (Advances in Computer Graphics 5)
ISBN: 3-540-51420-1
ISBN: 0-387-51420-1
Eurographics <10, 1989, Hamburg>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
concept; Einführung; Interpress; Konzept; page description language; performance; Performanz; PostScript; Seitenbeschreibungssprache; Standard Page Description Language; Standardisierung; standardization; tutorial

About a decade ago laser printers were first used to print images. In the mean time laser printers have become a standard component not only in desk top publishing (DTP) systems. The advent of the page description language PostScript (tm Adobe) was a major milestone in this development. Today PDLs offer a high quality output road ranging from 300 dots per inch non impact printers to 3000 dots per inch laser image setters. Post Script and its predecessor Interpress (tm Xerox) will be discussed and used as examples. The underlying concepts of PDLs, there advantages and drawbacks are discussed together with PDL applications. Performance considerations with respect to functionality are also dealt with. An outlook to developments in standardization of PDLs is given, which is based on the status and latest version of SPDL, the Standard Page Description Language worked on in ISO.