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P/M technology for the production of metal foams

: Kunze, H.-D.; Baumeister, J.; Banhart, J.; Weber, M.

Powder metallurgy international 25 (1993), Nr.4
ISSN: 0048-5012
ISSN: 0048-5020
ISSN: 0020-5012
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
aluminium foam; compression behaviour; foamed metal; mechanical property; metal foam; powder metallurgy

A new powder metallurgical method for the production of foamed metals with very low apparent densities is described. The mechanical properties of foamed aluminium are investigated. The compressive strength and elastic modulus of these materials depend strongly on the apparent density. The different types of dependence are discussed and compared to theoretical models. From the properties, several potential applications of foamed metals are derived which make use of the unique mechanical, physical and technological features of this class of cellular solids