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Overlapping elements in the guanylate-binding protein gene promoter mediate transcription induction by alpha and gamma interferons

: Lew, D.J.; Darnell, J.E.; Decker, T.; Strehlow, I.

Molecular and Cellular Biology 11 (1991), Nr.1, S.182-191
ISSN: 0270-7306
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
DNA-binding protein; G-protein; gene expression regulation; genetic transcription; interferon; interferon alpha; interferon gamma; molecular cloning

The gene encoding a 67-kDa cytoplasmic guanylate-binding protein (GBP) is transcriptionally induced in cells exposed to interferon of either type 1 (alpha interferon (IFN-alpha) or type 2 (IFN-gamma). The promoter of the GBP gene was cloned and found to contain an IFN-alpha-stimulated response element, which mediated the response of the GBP gene to IFN-alpha. On the basis of transfection experiments with recombinant plasmids, two different elements were delineated. Both were required to obtain the maximal response of the GBP gene to IFN-gamma: the IFN-alpha-stimulated response element and an overlapping element termed the IFN-gamma activation site. Different proteins that act on each element were investigated, and their possible involvement in IFN-gamma-induced transcriptional regulation is discussed.