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Overhauser-shift of the ESR in the two-dimensional electron gas of GaAs-AlGaAs-heterostructures

Overhauser-Shift des ESR im zwei-dimensionalen Elektronengas von GaAs-AlGaAs-Heterostrukturen
: Schneider, J.; Dobers, M.; Weimann, G.; Ploog, K.; Klitzing, K. von

International Conference on High Magnetic Fields '88. Proceedings
4 S. : Abb.,Tab.,Lit.
International Conference on High Magnetic Fields <1988, Würzburg>
Fraunhofer IAF ()
Heterostruktur; Kernresonanz(magnetisch); Overhauser-Effekt; zweidimensionales Elektronengas

The study of electron spin resonance (ESR) of the two-dimensional conduction electrons in GaAs-AlGaAs-heterostructures revealed a strong coupling between electronic and nuclear spins. This coupling results in a dynamical nuclear spin polarization and hence reciprocally in a shift of the ESR-line, the Overhauser-shift. These effects together with very long nuclear spin relaxation times give rise to hysteresis and instabilities in the ESR. By applying radio frequencies in order to perform nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) we have been able to detect, as well as ESR, also NMR in the magnetoresistivity rho xx of GaAs-AlGaAs-heterostructures. (IAF)