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Outdoor lysimeter experiments - procedure and test system

: Herrchen, M.; Kördel, W.; Traub-Eberhard, U.

Lysimeter studies of pesticides in the soil
1992 (BCPC Monographs 53)
S.35-41 : Abb.,Lit.
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Fraunhofer IUCT ( IME) ()
groundwater contamination; leaching; lysimeter; outdoor simulation; potential; soil contamination; undisturbed soil core

The lysimeter experiments are performed with 14 C- labelled test substances. For an experimental period of at least two years the lysimeters are cultivated according to the agricultural practice, and the leachate is collected in a container at the bottom and periodically analysed. During the study the sampling of soil cores is restricted to the tillage layer. At the end of the study the soil nonlith is divided into 10 cm horizontal segments using a special patented technique and analysed in detail. Replicate lysimeters give similar results in respect to annual leachate volumes and concentrations of test substance and metabolites in the leachate.