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3D-profiling by optical demodulation with an image intensifier

: Höfler, H.; Jetter, V.; Wagner, E.

AMA Fachverband für Sensorik e.V., Wunstorf:
OPTO '98. 3. Internationaler Kongreß und Fachausstellung für Optische Sensorik, Meßtechnik und Elektronik. Kongreßband
Wunstorf: ACS Organisations GmbH, 1998
S.191-196 : Ill., Lit.
Internationaler Kongreß und Fachausstellung für Optische Sensorik, Meßtechnik und Elektronik (OPTO) <3, 1998, Erfurt>
Fraunhofer IPM ()
3D-profiling; 3D-Vermessung; Bildverstärker; image intensifier; Lichtlauf-Zeitmessung; optical demodulation; optische Demodulation; time-of-flight measurement

The acquirement of 3D-information is currently achieved by stereophotography, line and grid projection techniques or by laser scanning in combination with a fast distance measuring device. This paper describes a new principle using a single CCD-camera with an optical demodulator in front of it. The scene is illuminated by a high frequency intensity modulated light source (i.e. a semiconductor laser). Demodulating the backscattered light by a gateable image intensifier yields a grey level image which directly corresponds to the object's form. Intensity variations within the image due to inhomogeneous object reflectivity or illumination intensity are overcome by a phase shift technology. Possible applications for such a 3D-camera include industrial automation, medical and industrial endoscopic analyses, robotics or 3D-digitalisation.