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3D-Messanordnung zur Ganzkoerpererfassung und Einmessung einer entsprechenden Messanordnung

Determination arrangement for three-dimensional surface coordinates of object - has projector, camera and means for rotation of object inspected around two or three axes for capture of three-phase displaced images.
: Kuehmstedt, P.; Schreiber, W.; Notni, G.

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DE 1996-19618140 A: 19960506
DE 1996-19618140 A: 19960506
EP 1997-923781 AW: 19970430
WO 1997-DE896 A: 19970430
DE 19618140 A1: 19971113
EP 897524 B1: 20020306
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The arrangement is based on a projector, use of an observation system and rotation of the object about two or three axes (D1,D2). The measurement process uses two calibration pieces. Prior to an object measurement two calibration processes must be carried out to determine the grid spacing to be used for later measurements, the projection angle ( alpha ) and the coordinates of two points on perpendicular axes through the measurement volume. Choice of the number and position of the rotation axes is unlimited with the exception that at certain angles dazzle from object surfaces may occur. USE/ADVANTAGE - For whole body extension determination. Determination of 3D extent of object or 3D coordinates of outer surface. Much quicker measurement process is possible without detailed marking up of object surface.