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Optischer Digitalisierer für kleinere Meßvolumina auf der Basis strukturierter Beleuchtung

: Schreiber, W.; Gerber, J.; Notni, G.

FH für Technik und Wirtschaft Mittweida:
IWKM '98. 13. Internationale Wissenschaftliche Konferenz Mittweida
Mittweida, 1998 (Scientific reports. Journal of the Mittweida University of Technology and Economics 1998)
S.105-112 (Nr.5)
FH Mittweida (Internationale wissenschaftliche Konferenz) <13, 1998, Mittweida>
Fraunhofer IOF ()
optical 3D-digitizer; self-calibration; structured light illumination

An optical 3D-digitizer is presented working on the basis of structured light illumination. The calculation of the 3D-coordinates of the object of measurement is based on phase measured values only. Parameters of the observation system are not required for coordinate calculation. The measurement system has the ability to avoid illumination caused difficulties, like shadowing and specular light giving the possibility to measure technical surfaces. Furthermore, the measurement principle makes possible the development of 3D-measurement systems which determine the coordinates as well as the orientation parameters simultaneously (self-calibrating system)