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Optimization of cleanroom production sites

Expert knowledge can help prevent costly flops - Pursuing and adapted strategy
Optimierung von Produktionskosten im Reinraum
: Klumpp, B.; Schließer, J.; Dorner, J.

Cleanrooms '96 West. Tutorial
S.l.: PennWell, 1996
Session 603, S.1-20
Conference on Advanced Microcontamination and Ultrapure Manufacturing <1996, Santa Clara/Calif.>
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Anforderung; Fertigung; Kosten; Optimierung; Qualität; Qualitätsverbesserung; Reine Produktion; Reinheit; Reinraum

More and more technical products, production procedures and processes require clean surroundings in order to be both effective and to achieve improvements in quality. As a result, cleanroom technology is being employed for increasingly more products and processes as an evironment. The pharmaceutical industry has introduced cleanroom technology as a necessary and helpful production environment; the semiconductor industry developed cleanroom technology to make it a pure technology with the trend towards a marked contamination control of air, media and production equipment. Right from the start, in contrast to these technologies, the aspects of "Quality and cost optimization" were taken into consideration for current and future products in the super-clean- and micro-technologies, and for products requiring a dust-free production environment. Already at the approach to production, it has to be considered that a costly, highly clean environment for production should not be used for merely p rophylactic purposes. The aim should be towards an optimum between the required cleanliness (quality) and the investment and operating costs involved.