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Optimale Turmkonstruktion für Windkraftanlagen im Binnenland.

Tower design for wind energy converters
: Idelberger, H.; Störzel, K.

Deutsches Windenergie-Institut -DEWI-, Wilhelmshaven:
DEWEK '92. Tagungsband
S.233-238 : Abb.,Lit.
Deutsche Windenergie-Konferenz (DEWEK) <1, 1992, Wilhelmshafen>
Fraunhofer LBF ()
Bauwerk; construction; Energieumwandlung; energy transformation; Lastannahme; load assumption; Rechenverfahren; static design; statische Bemessung; theoretical method; tower; Turm; wind load; Windlast

Compared to coastal areas inland locations provide usually unfavourable conditions for an economic exploitation of wind energy. In order to alleviate this disadvantage of inland deployment it is necessary to check all opportunities to increase turbine efficiency. One possible solution is the installation of wind turbines on high towers in order to take advantage of the greater and more uniformly distributed wind velocities. To achieve a favourable cost-profit-ratio it is indispensable to optimize the tower geometry to ensure a safe, though cheap structure of the installed converter under static and dynamic loads. Due to the large number of parameters the analysis and optimization is only feasible by means of a computer programme. In the research project "Investigations on Tower Design for Wind Energy Converters" a computer programme was developed that allows to optimize converter towers under consideration of the actual foundation with respect to cost, height and other boundary conditi ons. The program assists the designer of wind energy converters in the development of the most suitable tower concept.