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Optical response of a pseudomorphic HFET photodetector up to 10 GHz. TH1D-6

Optischer Frequenzgang eines pseudomorphen HFET-Photodetektors bis 10 GHz

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -IEEE-:
IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium digest 1994
New York/N.Y., 1994 (IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Digest)
ISSN: 0149-645X
S.1395-1398 : Abb.,Lit.
International Microwave Symposium <1994, San Diego/Calif.>
Fraunhofer IAF ()
HEMTs; optical microwave interaction; Optik-Mikrowellen-Wechselwirkung; photoconductive gain; photodetector; Photodetektor; photokonduktive Verstärkung

For the first time, we present experimental results of the optical response of a pseudomorphic heterostructure field effect transistor (HFET) in the frequency range from 100 kHz up to 10 GHz. During the experiments we found a strong dependence of the slope of the optical response on the incident optical average power. The reason for this behavior is found to be the trap dependent amplification of the incident optical signals by the photoconductor formed by the buffer layer of the HFET.