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An open hypermediasystem for multimedia applications

: Hübner, W.; Kirste, T.

Eurographics Workshop on Multimedia, Stockholm
Eurographics Workshop on Multimedia <1, 1991, Stockholm>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Benutzerschnittstelle; Datenmanipulation; Datenverwaltung; hypermedia; hypertext; offenes System; optisches Speichersystem

In this paper we present an architecture for an open hypermedia system that supports integrated multimedia applications. Besides support for the organisation and the manipulation of heterogeneous data types like text, raster pictures, vector graphics, video, animation and sound, open hypermedia systems include techniques to extend the system with new data types and tools as basic functionality. Starting from a requirement analysis for an open hypermediasystem, we identify the different task scopes of the system. We then map the task scopes onto a conceptual architecture and describe the different architectural and descriptive elements resulting from this mapping. The systems architectural elements are the components mass storage, object, session and presentation - interaction management. On the descriptive side the HyperPicture concept provides information objects, extents, functions bindings, events and actions as atomic elements for the definition of the interaction between user, ope rating system and data objects. Furthermore, we describe a prototype implementation of the HyperPicture concepts beeing developed at the Computer Graphics Center (ZGDV), the HyperPicture-Toolkit. Moreover, an application built on top of this toolkit - the satellite data retrieval system SpacePicture - illustrates the use and the potential of the HyperPicture - Toolkit and its underlying concepts. Finally, this paper contains a brief description of open issues and further development.