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On the supplementary functions of science and technology indicators

: Grupp, H.


Scientometrics (1990), Nr.5/6, S.447-472
ISSN: 0138-9130
Fraunhofer ISI ()
bibliometrics; Literaturstatistik; Patent; patents; science and technology indicator; Technologieindikator; telecommunication; Telekommunikation; Wissenschaftsindikator

Starting from a simple phase model for science and technological progress the supplementary function of various science and technology indicators are discussed. In particular, patent and literature indicators in the fields of telecommunications R and D expenditure, and trade data are included for the sake of completeness. This network of science and technology indicators is employed to analyse the institutional set-up and the trends in telecommunications R and D on the macro-level (national level) as well as for singel R and D actors (institutional of micro-level). Further, the role of academic and other public R and D in West Germany, including the regional distribution of activities and the specialization with respect to telecommunication subfields, are assessed. It is concluded that the various science and technology indicators - at least in the case of West German telecommunications - supplement each other. Synergisms between indicators do exist and should be explored better in fut ure work. The case of telecommunications is ideal for such an exploratory assessment as it includes basic and applied research as well as strong industrial development activities.