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On the Asymmetrical Behavior of Transient Enhanced Diffusion in Pre-Amorphized Si Wafers

Über die asymmetrische transiente, beschleunigte Diffusion in voramorphisierten Siliciumscheiben
: Alquier, D.; Cowern, N.E.B.; Pichler, P.; Armand, C.; Martinez, A.; Mathiot, D.; Omri, M.; Claverie, A.

Cowern, N.E.B.; Jacobson, D.C.; Griffin, P.B.; Packan, P.A.; Webb, R.P. ; Materials Research Society -MRS-:
Silicon Front-End Technology - Materials Processing and Modelling
Warrendale, PA: MRS, 1998 (Materials Research Society symposia proceedings 532)
ISBN: 1-55899-438-6
Symposium on Silicon Front-End Technology <1998, San Francisco/Calif.>
Fraunhofer IIS B ( IISB) ()
Bor; diffusion; Punktdefekte; silicium; Transiente diffusion; Vormamorphisierung

We have studied by SIMS the diffusion of boron in Ge-preamorphised silicon over a range of anneal temperatures and times, focusing on the influence of the depth of the boron profile relative to the crystalline-amorphous (c/a) interface. It is shown that, for all durations, transient enhanced diffusion (TED) varies by about two orders of magnitude between the surface and the end-of-range (EOR) defect band, formed just below the original c/a interface. We propose a model in which TED arises from the coupling between a Si-interstitial superaturated box, the EOR defect region, whose supersaturation decreases with time as the EPR defects grow, and a surface whose recombination efficiency is close to that of a perfect sink. The model successfully describes the different behavior of deep and shallow boron profiles, without requiring the existence of a diffusion barrier.