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On-chip microsystems for medical applications

: Mokwa, W.; Schnakenberg, U.

Wolfenbuttel, R.F.; Bartek, M.:
Microsystem Symposium 1998. Proceedings
Delft: Brinkman & Ammerlaan, 1998
Microsystem Symposium <1998, Delft>
Fraunhofer IMS ()
capacitive pressure sensor; conductivity sensor; Drucksensor; flow meters; Leitfähigkeit; medical applications; micromachining; microsystems; Mikrosystemtechnik; Strömungsmessung

Due to the process in semiconductor technology in the last years, silicon devices are available having a very high functionality and complexity. CMOS has become the standard technology for highest integration. The typical linewidth in such circuits is down to below 0.25 mu m. Today the microelectronic technology is also used for the production of microsensors. The sensing element itself is only part of a whole sensor system including sensor readout electronics as well as interfacing. In a variety of applications the integration of electronic circuits together with the sensing element monolithically on one chip is possible. Besides the possibility of lowering manufacturing costs for high volume production the silicon integration of both sensors and electronics offers several significant advantages, such as small-size and low weight (very important in medical applications).