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Ökobilanzen für Verpackungen II. Verpackungsökobilanz als Entscheidungshilfe

Life cycle inventories for packaging systems II
: Goldhan, G.

Deutsches Industrieforum für Technologie:
Verpackungs-Recycling '93. Internationaler Verpackungs-Recycling Congress 1993
Kempen, 1993
Internationaler Verpackungs-Recycling Congress <1993, Meltmann>
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
application; Handhabung; instrument; life-cycle inventory; Nutzungsmöglichkeit; packaging system; practical approach; Sach-Ökobilanz; Verpackung

Life cycle analysis is an instrument of system analysis which supports strategic decisions. Under this general impression in September 1992 three German institutes presented a LCI methodology paper. This methodology is transformed into computer program. This methodology establishes 5 principles for performance of LCI: strict separation of life cycle inventory and life cycle assessment; product life cycle is represented by a network of modules; the complete packaging systems which comprise all components which have to be used to distribute packed goods to the consumer has to be investigated; the principle of "investigation of individual life cycle"; standardization of LCI parameters according to the "benefit of use". The presentation points out the fields of applications of LCI in industry as well as in policy.