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Objekttraeger zum Beobachten von biologischem Material

Objekttraeger fuer Mikroskop (A1)
Specimen slide for microscope
: Wolf, B.; Baumann, W.; Dumbs, A.; Sulz, G.; Sieben, U.

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DE 1994-4417079 A: 19940517
DE 1994-4417079 A: 19940517
EP 1995-920036 A: 19950513
WO 1995-EP1822 W: 19950513
DE 4417079 C2: 19980610
EP 760095 B1: 19980318
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A specimen slide (1) for a microscope, camera or similar observation device has a receiving area (2) for test cells, tissue cuttings or similar organic material and a receiving area opposite said smaller observation area (3) for the organic material. The specimen slide (1) consists at least in the observation area of a transparent material. Within the receiving area (2), the specimen slide (1) adjacent to the observation area (3) has thin film sensors 6 to 12 to measure physiological parameters of the organic material. The chemical and physical characteristics of the organic material to be examined can be detected by sensors during observation, for example under a microscope. Thereby, different sensors, such an intergidital capacitors (6), NO sensors (8), O<-2 sensors (9) or temperature sensors (11), can be provided so that important physiological parameters of a measurement and/or a control are accessible (Fig. 1).