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Novel low cost process for the deposition of metallic and compound thin films on plastics

: Kälber, T.; Jung, T.


Surface and coatings technology 98 (1998), Nr.1-3, S.1116-1120
ISSN: 0257-8972
Fraunhofer IST ()

We describe a new sputter deposition process for the coating of polymers wit metallic and compound wear-resistant thin films at a low vacuum level (millibar range) and at rates higher than standard magnetron sputtering. Since no high vacuum equipment is needed, this process represents an inexpensive alternative to traditional coating techniques. Various plastics like polyamide (PA) and polyetheretherketone have successfully been coated with titanium and chromium as well as their oxides, nitrides and carbides. As the most promising example of wear-resistant, low-friction thin films on plastics, a detailed characterization of Ti-C:H films on PA is presented. Very good wear rates have been achieved even without substrate biasing, thus reducing substrate heating.