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A novel ear-prosthesis with transcutaneous simulator-coupling and extensive programmability

: Bollerott, Michael; Brockherde, Werner; Scherer, Klaus

Banfai, P.:
Cochlear implant. Current situation. International Cochlear Implant Symposium 1987. Proceedings : Düren, West Germany, September 7 - 12, 1987
Düren, 1987
International Cochlear Implant Symposium <1987, Düren>
Fraunhofer IMS ()

An ear-prosthesis-system with new features has been developed. It consists of a speech-processor in cigarette-box-size including a RF-coupling-element, an encapsulated RF-receiver/stimulator-chip (implant) and a device for testing the implant and examine the patients (e.g. to find out stimulation-parameters). For speech-parameter-extraction 16 switched-capacitor-bandpass filters are used in conjunction with a sophisticated parameter-extraction-algorithm running on a microcontroller. The energy contents of the 16 frequency domains are represented in the stimulus-pulses amplitudes for better speech recognition. The extraction-algorithm, the stimulus-pulse-features and the stimulus-electrode-combinations are fully programmable in respect to further improvements. In order to reduce power-consumption, all hardware functions (including the full-custom implantchip)are implemented in CMOS-technology.