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Nondestructive testing of ceramic coatings on steel by photoacoustic, photothermal and high-frequency ultrasound techniques

: Kim, D.H.; Netzelmann, U.


Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation 10 (1993), S.343-350
ISSN: 0278-0895
ISSN: 1058-9759
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
high-frequency ultrasound; Hochfrequenzultraschall; photoacoustic microscopy; photoakustische Mikroskopie; photothermic measurement

Adhesion of tungsten carbide coatings with a thickness of about 300 fm on steel subtrates has been tested by photoacoustic microscopy at 33.8 kHz, by photothermal raiometry at 20-200 Hz and by high-frequency ultrasound measurements at 80 MHz. Delaminated regions of the coating were detected in good agreement with the photoacoustic and the ultrasound technique.