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Nondestructive Testing of Adhesive Joints

: Arnold, W.; Meyendorf, N.

Schindel-Bidinelli, E. ; SWIBOTECH GmbH, Bülach:
Kleben. Swiss Bonding 98
Bülach: Swibotech, 1998
Swissbonding <12, 1998, Rapperswil>
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
Adhäsion; adhesion; layered media; Polarisation; polarization; Schicht

Layered structures and coatings are widley used in industry. Parallel to their use, a testing of the bond quality is required at the production line and for in-service inspection. Weak adhesion strength or delaminations can be detectd nondestuctively by techniques such as the measurement of the interface reflection coefficient or through transmission of an ultrasonic, thermal, optical or microwave. Advanced techniques use sophistications such as their frequency or polarization dependence. New method using nonlinear acoustics have been developed recently. Likewise, X-ray techniques may be applied. This contribution gives an overview on the various techniques applied in nondestructive testing for bond evaluation. A critical assessment of the status of the various techniques applied in industry and research is presented.