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Non-isothermal kinetics of high temperature oxidation studied by a fast X-ray diffraction method.

Untersuchung der nichtisothermen Kinetik der Hochtemperatur-Oxidation mittels schneller Röntgenbeugung


Journal of thermal analysis 38 (1992), S.649-655
ISSN: 0368-4466
Fraunhofer ICT ()
Armco iron; corrosion; high temperature oxidation; in situ investigation; non-isothermal kinetics; oxidation product; x-ray diffraction

Temperature resolved X-ray diffraction using a diffractometer equipped with a high temperature device was applied to the study of the oxidation of Fe-ARMCO below 570 degree C. The oxidation products are identified in situ and the difference method yields curves Y(T) showing the global changes. These curves were calibrated to the microscopically measured and thickness of the oxide layer obtaining the growth x(T). A calculated curve including the Arrhenius relation was fitted to the x(T) curve yielding activation energy and values of the oxidation rate constant as a function of temperature.