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Non-destructive characterization of materials with neutron experiments at the pulsed reactor IBR-2

: Häußler, F.; Kröning, M.; Baumbach, H.

Green, R.E.; Kozaczek, K.; Ruud, C.:
Nondestructive characterization of materials VI
New York/N.Y.: Plenum Press, 1994
International Symposium on Nondestructive Characterization of Materials <6, 1993, Oahu>
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
Beton; concrete; Dehnung; Festkörperspurdetektor; Hydratationsprozeß; Materialcharakterisierung; neutron diffraction; Neutronenkleinwinkelstreuung; solid state nuclear track detector; SSNTD; strain

Small-Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) experiments on hadrating cement pastes and Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors (SSNTD) were given as a example for the non-destructive characterization of materials with neutrons. The SANS experiments wer realized at the SANS instrument of the FLNP of the JINR, Dubna, Russia. Here inhomogeneities on the length scale from about 1nm to 30nm can be measured. The samples of a hardened cement paste are prepared from ordinary Portland cement and heavy water (D20) with a given water to cement ratio of 0.38. In the experiments the hydration progress within the first 321 days was observed. In a given Q-range the potential behaviour of the scattering curves varies. The exponents lie in an interval from about -2 to -4. Stacks of SSNTD foils (material PETP irradiated by Xe-192 (energy 0.96 MeV per nucleus) as well as irradiated and etched were investigated. A radius of 9.5 nm was calculated assuming cylindrical shaped latent ion tracks