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Niedrig sinternde keramische Dielektrika mit hohen DK-Werten fuer Green-Tape-Systeme

Low sintering ceramic dielectric with high dielectric values for green tape systems
: Gesemann, H.J.; Schoenecker, A.; Voelker, K.

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DE 1994-4406812 A: 19940302
DE 1994-4406812 A: 19940302
DE 4406812 C1: 19950706
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to the fields of electrical engineering and electronics and affects dielectrics which can be used in green tape systems as high-dielectric film. The task of the invention consists in finding a ceramic composition glass active substance fulfilling the following requirements: - compatible with existing film, i.e. sinterable at 900 degrees C/10 min, - dielectric values > 200 - characteristics: type II X7R. The task is solved by the fact that the dielectrics contain an active substance and a glass. The active substance consists of a nuclear edge layer compound, whereby the nucleus is BaTiO<-3 and a layer of preformed lead perovskite of the type (Pb<-a A<-1,02-a)(B<-1 B<-2 )0<-3 is applied about said nucleus at least at 1000 degrees C. The active substance is embedded in a lead borosilicate glass, which contains PbO of 50 to 90 percent by weight B<-2 0<-3 of 3 to 30 percent by weight and SiO<-2 of 0.5 to 20 percent by weight.