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A new welding technique and device for enhanced welding efficiency

: Beyer, E.; Imhoff, R.; Neuenhahn, J.

Rössler, D.M.; Uddin, M.N. ; American Society of Body Engineers:
Proceedings of the International Body Conference on Advanced Technologies and Processes. IBEC '94. Vol.10
Warren/Mich., 1994 (Advanced Technologies and Processes 10)
S.101-103 : Abb.,Tab.
International Body Engineering Conference <1994, Detroit/Mich.>
Fraunhofer ILT ()
absorption coefficient; electron density; Nd-YAG; TIG/MIG welding

One of the remarkable features of the laser beam welding process are its narrow, deep seams.However, the efficiency of the Nd:YAG laser only amounts for 2% to 3%.The maximum power available is about 2 kW.By combining the laser welding process with a TIG welding process, the power can be doubled, the overall efficiency can be improved considerably and the molten volume can be increased.During laser beam welding with Nd:YAG lasers, the laser beam can be guided to the work-piece through an optical fiber.The flexibility, which the optical fiber offers, is not influenced by the additional use of an electric cable.The laser beam determines the welding depth and the energy incoupled by the TIG process the welding width.This is of special advantage in car body welding where comparatively broad seams are demanded.Due to this combination the laser beam welding process can be offered at considerably lower cost (FhG patent)