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New Minienvironment Standards and an Overview of Standards in Preparation

: Schließer, J.

Institute of Environmental Sciences -IES-, Mt. Prospect/Ill.:
Developing future leaders of technology. 41st Annual Technical Meeting. Vol.1: Symposium on Online-Monitoring, Symposium on Minienvironments, Symposium on Biocontamination Control. Contamination Control
Mount Prospect, Ill.: IES, 1995
ISBN: 1-87786-241-X
ISBN: 1-87786-242-8
Institute of Environmental Sciences (Annual Technical Meeting) <41, 1995, Anaheim>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Esprit; Jessi; minienvironment; overview; SEMI International standards; standard

The paper describes the international minienvironment standardization activity managed by the SEMI's European Equipment Automation Committee, and the results obtained from the Europeas JESSI projects AUTOWEG, FAW and teh ESPRIT project MESIC. An overall view is given of seven new SEMI-standards, published for the first time in the SEMI Standards Volumes BOSS 95. The main topic is the guideline for procurement and acceptance of minienvironments, and how to use it. Cross references with other existing minienvironment standards are also used in this guideline. An overwiew is given of further standardization activities in Europe within minienvironment technology, e.g. the effect of 300 mm wafers on minienvironment standards.