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New concepts for the development of innovative products. Digital prototyping

: Bullinger, H.-J.; Fischer, D.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management:
3rd Annual International Conference on Industrial Engineering Theories, Applications and Practice 1998. Extended abstracts
Cincinnati, Ohio: International Journal of Industrial Engineering, 1998
International Conference on Industrial Engineering Theories, Applications and Practice <3, 1998, Hong Kong>
Fraunhofer IAO ()
Computer Aided Design (CAD); Digital Prototyping; virtual reality; visualisation

The increasing innovation dynamic is one of the crucial factors on today's market. Therefore it is vital for a company to shorten innovation cycles, to reduce costs and to improve product quality at the same time. The incessantly growing complexity and variety of products, while product life-cycles are decreasing, make great demands on companies, as well. Considering these facts, Digital Prototyping offers enormous advantages. Digital Prototyping is a method to visualize complex models and to improve the handling of 3D-data effectively. With the aid of this method the process of product development and testing can be significantly ameliorated. The digital demonstration of prototypes allows an early intervention, modification and optimization and leads to an increase in the variety of prototypes. By means of virtual prototypes product features can be easily verified and thus development times can be reduced enormously. Digital Prototyping offers the possibility to realize customer speci fic aspects of product development earlier, faster and more cost-efficient, and thus it strengthens the competitive capacity of a company considerably.