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A new aerosol generating device for use in animal physiology

: Hohlfeld, J.; White, R.; Koch, W.; Heinrich, U.

European Respiratory Journal 5 (1992), Nr.15, S.531s
ISSN: 0903-1936
ISSN: 1399-3003
European Respiratory Society (Annual Congress) <2, 1992, Vienna>
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
aerosol; animal; lung; physiological apparatus; pulmonary function test; respiration; respiration measurement; respiratory organ; rodent

The production and delivery of respirable aerosols to conscious rodents in a reproducible manner has always been problematic. Since rodents are obligate nose breathers, nasal deposition has hampered attempts to examine the effects of various aerosols on central and peripheral airways. This problem has been further complicated by the fact that few systems allow for the simultaneous generation of aerosols and the measurement of pulmonary mechanics. We have therefore developed a novel air driven aerosol generation device called the "Bronchi-H".