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Neuere Entwicklungen bei Holzbindemitteln

: Dix, B.; Roffael, E.

Adhäsion (1991), Nr.10, S.36-39
ISSN: 0001-8198
Fraunhofer WKI ()
anorganisches Bindesmittel; Diisocyanat-Klebstoff; diisocyanate; Harnstoffharz; Holzbindemittel; inorganic binder; natural adhesive; natürliches Bindemittel; Phenolformaldehydharz; phenolic resin; ureaformaldehyde resin; wood adhesive

The article surveys recent developments and current status of synthetic and natural adhesives in the industry of wood-based panels. The major topics covered are: -Developments of UF-resins of low molar ratio to meet exacting environmental demands, modification of UF-resins, current status of using catalyst systems in UF-adhesives, -the use of phenolic resins of low alkali content, modifications of PF-resins with other binders such as PMDI and binder components such as urea and resorcin, -the increasing importance of natural adhesives as a sole binder or as a binder component in synthetic adhesive systems. Special attention has been given to tannins, lignins and carbohydrates, -the recent use of inorganic binders such as cement, gypsum and combinations thereof.