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Neue Methoden zur Beurteilung von Haselnußkernen. Teil 1: Triglyceridanalyse

New methods to estimate quality of hazelnuts. Part 1: Analysis of triglycerides
: Rieblinger, K.; Ziegleder, G.

Zucker- und Süßwaren Wirtschaft 48 (1995), Nr.11, S.457-459
ISSN: 0373-0204
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
Haselnußkern; hazelnut; HPLC; Kerngröße; provenience; Provenienz; size of kernel; Triglycerid; triglyceride

The specific influence on stability of some sorts of hazelnuts (e.g. Oregon) or of kernels with small diameters depend on the high amount of linolic-acid-containing triglycerides. The composition of these triglycerides can be analyzed by HPLC according to an application of cocoabutter. By this analytical technique the quality of shelf-life of products made of raw hazelnuts can be estimated. The analysis of triglycerides give no information about the earlier treatment of hazelnuts, e.g. damage caused by not ideal or by long storage conditions, by mechanical damage or by not optimal roasting conditions. More information - especially about the quality of roasted hazelnuts - is given by the measurement of oxygen-consumption. This part will be reported in a following second application.