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Neue Innovationsstrategien für aufgeschlossene Unternehmen. Teil 2

Novel innovation strategies for open-minded enterprises
: Levermann, A.; Zagos, A.; Munz, C.

GAK. Gummi, Fasern, Kunststoffe 51 (1998), Nr.9, S.723-727
ISSN: 0176-1625
Fraunhofer TEG ()
creative cooperation; innovation potential; Innovationspotential; Innovationsstrategie; management strategy; Mitarbeiterkreativität

This article in a series about modern management strategies explains how companies can and should successfully make use of the Innovation potential that can be developed and encouraged among their staff. An appropriate program to accept and help realize suggestions from employees should involve them in discussions and decisions on important business aspects, and this way stimulate creative cooperation on a large scale.