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Multi-spectral sensor device for optical radiation analysis - has signals from wavelength-selective optoelectronic transducers classified by fuzzy-logic circuit for assignment to wide number of channels..
: Haase, N.; Kalz, A.; Knobloch, J.

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WO 1995-EP3824 W: 19950927
EP 1995-933433 A: 19950927
EP 852709 A: 19980715
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The sensor device has a number of optoelectrical transducers (1), e.g. photodiodes, each of which is wavelength selective, for providing an electrical output signal fed to a respective measuring channel, containing a signal processing circuit (2,3,4). The measured signal values provided by the signal processing circuits are compared with reference values via a fuzzy-logic circuit (6), for allocating them to a greater number of signal channels (7). USE - For colour recognition system.