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Multifunctional acrylate alkoxysilanes for polymeric materials

: Glaubitt, W.; Rose, K.; Wolter, H.

Hampden-Smith, M.J. ; Materials Research Society -MRS-:
Better ceramics through chemistry V
Pittsburgh, Pa.: MRS, 1992 (Materials Research Society symposia proceedings 271)
ISBN: 1-558-99166-2
Symposium on Better Ceramics through chemistry <5, 1992, San Francisco/Calif.>
Fraunhofer ISC ()
Acrylat; Alkoxy-Silan; fibrous silicate; optisches Material; Polymerprodukt; Polysiloxan; Silan; Sol-Gel-Verfahren; Werkstoff

Multifunctional acrylate alkoxysilanes synthezied from commercial acrylate compounds and merapto-substituted alkoxysilanes were used as precursors in the development of materials for various purposes. The alkoxysilyl groups are available for the construction of an inorganic backbone by the sol-gel process, and the acrylate groups for building an organic polymeric matrix or photochemical curing. Tailoring the material properties is achieved by use of specific molecular structures and functionalities within the monomeric compounds. Linear and branched structural units influence the mechanical properties (modulus of elasticity, abrasion resistance, flexural strength). Rapidly UV-cured materials have been prepared for use as primary or secondary coarings for silica optical fibres with improved adhesion under humid conditions. Further organic modification results in polymers with can be used for manufacturing lenses of high optical quality. Preliminary attempts to draw fibres have also been sucessfull.