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MPEG - Audio-Layer III System

: Eberlein, E.

Verband Deutscher Tonmeister -VDT-:
17. Tonmeistertagung 1992. Bericht
München: Saur, 1993
ISBN: 3-598-20358-6
Tonmeistertagung <17, 1992, Karlsruhe>
Fraunhofer IIS A ( IIS) ()
audio coding; gehörangepaßte Codierung; Layer-3; low bitrate coding; MPEG standard; perceptual coding; stereo coding; Stereocodierung; Toncodierung

The ISO 11172 standard defines data reduction methods for the digital transmission of video and audio signals. A standard for coding audio signals, based on MUSICAM and ASPEC has been developed in three stages in order to achieve an optimum balance of quality and expenditure dependent on the application at hand. Layer III is the highest level of data reduction and already provides very high quality for data reates of 64 kBit/s per channel. This will certainly be of increasing importance with the intorduction of digital networks such as ISDN. Audio data transmission from subsidiary studios sites or from sound archives and databases will all be faciliated to a large degree. The characteristics and advantages of this method will be presented by means of existing and planned applications.