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More than 10 years ISI-NDE on primary circuits of German nuclear power plants. Experience, results, developments and further consequences

: Fischer, K.; Wüstenberg, H.; Waas, A.; Kappes, W.

9th Int.Conference on NDE in the Nuclear Industry, ASM International
International Conference on NDE in the Nuclear Industry <9, 1988>
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
Analyseverfahren; Automatisierung; Primärkreiskomponente; Prüfung(wiederkehrend); Ultraschallprüfung; Wirbelstromprüfung

For ISI-NDE the present practice on probes, manipulators, data transfer, data acquisition, data evaluation and documentation is described. The importance of different techniques in ISI is explained. Besides the EC inspection of steam generators the UT as a dominant method is outlined in more detail. The capability of single probe technique and multiple probe system (pluse echo, Tandem, TR) is discussed. Detection techniques with defect characterization possibilities like time of flight techniques, also in combination with Phased-array and EMAT-probes as well as special analysing techniques (e.G. SAFT, Holography) are detailed. Problems of I.D.- and O.D.-testing are analysed. Results of ISI in the past 10 years are presented and analysed. The value of NDE within the safety concept, for preventive maintenance, life time prediction and future trends in ISI-NDE are commented. (IZFP)