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Monte Carlo particle study of transport along the hetero interface in a field-effect transistor.

Monte-Carlo-Teilchen-Untersuchung des Transports entlang des Heteroübergangs in einem Feldeffekttransistor
: Moglestue, C.


European Transaction on Telecommunications and Related Technologies 1 (1990), Nr.4, S.439-446 : Abb.,Lit.
ISSN: 1120-3862
Fraunhofer IAF ()
distribution of carriers; distribution of field; Feldeffekttransistor; Feldverteilung; field effect transistor; heterojunction; Heteroübergänge; Monte Carlo Methode; Monte Carlo methods; Quantentransport; Quantum transport; Teilchenverteilung

An inverse heterojunction field-effect transistor has been simulated by means of the Monte Carlo particle model, which represents a self-consistent solution of Boltzmann's transport and Poisson's field equation. It was found that a quantum well forms between the source and the drain, which, only at the drain end of gate, gets sufficiently narrow that the lowest subband gets lifted more than the average thermal energy during practical operating conditions of the device. Nowhere is the intersubband separation large enough that multiple subband transport need to be considered. This represents a considerable saving the computer time as the scattering rates can be stored in tables which reside in their entirity in the central memory. The simulated device was found to be a Gunn oscillator with a frequency of 110 GHz. The temporal evolution of the Gunn domains from nucleation to absorption in the drain has been studied.