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Monte Carlo particle simulation of radiation-induced heating in GaAs field-effect transistors.

Monte-Carlo-Teilchen Simulation von Strahlungsinduzierter Heizung in GaAs Feld-Effekt Transistoren
: Buot, F.A.; Anderson, T.; Moglestue, C.


Applied Physics Letters 59 (1991), Nr.2, S.192-194 : Abb.,Lit.
ISSN: 0003-6951
ISSN: 1077-3118
Fraunhofer IAF ()
Ausbrennung; brain current; burn-out; delta-particle radiation; Delta-Teilchenstrahlung; Drainstrom; Feldeffekttransistor; field effect transistor; gate current; Gatestrom; Gitterheizung; lattice heating; Monte Carlo Methode; Monte Carlo methods

Exposure of GaAs field-effect transistors to alpha-particle radiation has resulted in burnout paths from under the gate to both the source and the drain. Monte Carlo calculations show that the current response from an alpha-particle penetrating the center of the gate electrode at normal incidence lasts for 60 ps, about five times longer than predicted by previous hydrodynamic modeling. The thermalization of the induced electrons causes a maximum subsurface heating of the epilayer near the source and the drain when both are held at ground with a negative bias on the gate. A possible melting of the semiconductor will take place at these locations. We present here for the first time a more accurate simulation of the actual lattice heating rates obtained from electron-phonon exchanges inside the device. Although the qualitative results support the previous hydrodynamic analysis, some important quantitative differences are noted.