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Modulsystem zum Aufbau von Bioreaktoren

Module system for constructing bioreactors
: Schnepple, H.; Troesch, W.; Sternad, W.; Blaich, E.

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DE 1991-4118882 A: 19910608
DE 1991-4118882 A: 19910608
DE 4118882 A1: 19921210
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The description relates to a module system for the construction of bioreactors which have graduated diameters within a specific range and whose height-diameter ratio can have values of stirred reactors or also values of column-shaped reactors. The invention is characterized by the provision of a base for all diameters, said base permitting the connection of stir drives as well as equipment for the dispersion and/or distribution of gas and/or liquids, and a contour for the fluid-tight connection to a corresponding flange on a reactor vessel component having one of the graduated diameters, whereby the reactor vessel components also has a flange at its other end permitting the connection of another reactor vessel component or it acts as a termination element.