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Models of coplanar lines and elements over the frequency range 0-120 GHz

Modelle von koplanaren Leitungen und Elementen für den Frequenzbereich 0-120 GHz


Institution of Electrical Engineers -IEE-, London; IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society; International Union of Radio Science -URSI-:
26th European Microwave Conference 1996. Proceedings
Swanley: Nexus, 1996
European Microwave Conference (EuMC) <26, 1996, Prag>
Fraunhofer IAF ()
coplanar; discontinuity; Diskontinuität; equivalent circuit; Ersatzschaltbild; koplanar; microwave; Mikrowelle; millimeter wave; Millimeterwelle

The electrical properties of uniform coplanar lines on GaAs have been investigated, using a finite element simulator. Experimental results. extracted from on-wafer measurements to 120 GHz, are in good agreement with the simulated results. Frequency dependent models were developed for all characteristic parameters of the coplanar lines, such as impedance, effective relative dielectric constant and attenuation, describing the behavior of coplanar lines of different geometries over the entire frequency range from 0-120 GHz. Similarly, exact models applicable over the am frequency range have been developed for a number of coplanar elements, such as air bridges, 90 degree corners and probing pads. These models have been implemented in our HP-MDS data base, resulting in accurate designs of a number of millimeter wave circuits.