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Modellierung und experimentelle Untersuchung laserinduzierter Plasmen

Modelling and experimental investigation of laser induced plasma
: Völlmar, S.; Granse, G.; Schultrich, B.; Witke, T.

FH für Technik und Wirtschaft Mittweida:
Anwendung der Laser-Technik. 11. Internationale Mittweidaer Fachtagung "Qualitäts- und Informationsmanagement". Vortragsband D : Posterpräsentation
Mittweida, 1994
Internationale Mittweidaer Fachtagung <11, 1994, Mittweida>
Fraunhofer IWS ()
aluminium; emission spectroscopy; Emissionsspektroskopie; laser induced plasma; Laserplasma; Modellierung; modelling; pulsed laser deposition

Under the influence of pulsed laser irradiation with power densities above 10 high8 W/qcm on the surface of solids and liquids, plasma is created. This process is far from thermodynamic equilibrium and covers the range from fast evaporation to a process like an explosion. In the paper we deal with two applications in this field: both ablation or structurization of the tar-et surface as the deposition of thin films with the ablated material. For making high quality films the process must be controlled. For this purpose we use time-resolved emission spectroscopy of the plasma plume.In a complex plasma model the spectroscopic results are linked to the local temperature, density, and velocity in the plume.