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Modellbasiertes Multimedia-Ferndiagnosesystem

Model based multimedia remote diagnosis system
: Fredrich, H.; Linnemann, H.; Adam, W.

ZWF CIM 87 (1992), Nr.12, S.659-663
ISSN: 0932-0482
Fraunhofer IPK ()
CIM; computer intergrated manufacturing; expert system; Fehlerdiagnose; IBCN; Informationssystem; Integrated Broadband Communications Network; maintenance; multimedia information; ODP; open distributed processing; remote diagnosis

In industrial production, interruptions caused by malfunction must be reduced as far as possible. Thus, computer based systems for the diagnosis and repair of faults are increasingly employed. If several geographically distributed experts must cooperate to remove faults, systems for remote diagnosis are useful. This article demonstrates how multimedia information containing computer data, graphics, raster images, moving pictures, and sound can be integrated into such a system.