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Modeling approaches - introduction

: Stöber, W.

Extrapolation Modeling of Inhaled Particles and Gases
San Diego: Academic Press, 1989
ISBN: 0-12-196780-8
Extrapolation Modeling of Inhaled Particles and Gases <1987, Duke>
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
aerosol; gas; inhalation toxicology; inhaled particle; lung; particle clearance; particle retention; particles

The presence and final retention of inhaled foreign gases and particulates in the lung could, and frequently do, cause certain health effects in human if the foreign matter has toxic properties or is deposited in excessive amounts. In view of this potential threat to human health and in order to facilitate an assessment of the effective dose and the associated health risk, it is desirable to obtain reliable information regarding the deposition, dose distribution, accumulation, clearance, and final removal or retention of inhaled toxic trace gases and aerosol in the human lung. Efforts to acquire this information have led to the development of a variety of physical, anatomical, and physiological lung models. These models utilize verified relevant data, scientifically sound assumptions, plausible hypotheses, and certain simplifications for a theoretical simulation of the distribution of doses, lung burdens, clearance rates, other effects, and biological responses. The resulting simulatio n data are supposed to represent the actual body burden of the inhaled material and to predict the potential human health risk.