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Mixed-signal CMOS-ASIC for a contactless digital thermometer

: Gäbler, U.; Dachselt, F.; Holland, H.-J.; Müller, M.

Puers, R. ; Catholic Univ., Leuven:
Eurosensors X. Proceedings
Leuven: Catholic University, 1996
ISBN: 90-803282-1-9
S.323-326 : Lit.
Eurosensors <10, 1996, Louvain>
Fraunhofer IMS, Außenstelle Dresden ( IPMS) ()
Infrarotdetektor; SIMOX; Temperaturmessung; Temperatursensor; Thermosäule

We report on a new 1-m CMOS-ASIC (ThermoController TC10) for a contactless temperature measurement system. The ASIC consists of a digital 14bit controller-core, an on-chip high-precision 14bit A-D converter and different useful interfaces for liquid-crystal-display, memories and additional A-D converters. The whole measurement system also includes the integrated infrared sensor IRTS1 (InfraRed Thermopile with integrated amplifier and Temperature Sensor) consisting of a thermopile, a sensor measuring the chip temperature and an amplifier stage fabricated in a CMOS process on SIMOX-wafers (Separation by IMplanted OXygen). Together with a lkbit serial E2PROM for calibration data and a 3.5-digit liquid-crystal-display we get a compact low-cost solution with a sufficient precision.