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Minderung des Hygienerisikos bei Feinkostsalaten durch Schutzkulturen. Teil II: Kartoffelsalat

Reduction of hygienic risks in delicatessen salads by use of protective cultures. Part II: Potato salad
: Cerny, G.; Hennlich, W.

ZFL. Internationale Zeitschrift für Lebensmittel-Technik, Marketing, Verpackung und Analytik 42 (1991), Nr.1/2, S.6-12
ISSN: 0341-2938
ISSN: 0722-5733
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
Biokonservierung; biopreservation; clostridiae; Clostridien; food poisoning; Hygienerisiko; hygienic risk; Kartoffelsalat; lactic acid bacteria; Lebensmittelvergiftung; Milchsäurebakterie; potato salad; protective culture; salmonellae; Salmonelle; Schutzkultur; staphylococci; Staphylokokken

The following studies should clarify if lactic acid bacteria could be used as added "protective cultures" in potato salads in order to prevent hygienic risks by food poisoning microorganisms like salmonellae and toxin-producing staphylococci or clostridiae. To simulate critical conditions, mayonnaise based potato-salads with pH-values between 5.5 and 6.0 were used, which were exposed to ambient temperatures for several days (up to one week). It could be shown that distinct cultures of lactic acid bacteria did indeed diminish hygienic risks to a considerable extent but did not increase shelf life of those products (in the sense of biopreservation) without additional precautions like refrigeration, modified atmosphere packing etc.