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Millimeter-wave long-wavelength integrated optical receivers grown on GaAs

Langwelliger GaAs-basierender integrierter optischer Empfänger für den Millimeterwellen-Bereich


IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 11 (1999), Nr.7, S.868-870 : Ill.
ISSN: 1041-1135
Fraunhofer IAF ()
integrated optoelectronics; integrierte Optoelektronik; MODFET; PIN photodetector; PIN-Photodetektor

Compact monolithically integrated narrow-band photoreceivers with a high responsivity at millimeter-wave frequencies were realized. In these receivers, a 1.3-1.55 mu m wavelength In(0.53)Ga(0.47)As p-i-n photodiode, grown lattice relaxed on GaAs, is conjugately matched to a two-stage narrow-band amplifier based on 0.15-mu m GaAs based dual-gate PHEMT's. A first receiver, designed for operation around 42 GHz, obtains an optical responsivity of 7 A/W. This is a 38-dB increase in comparison with the measured responsivity of a terminated p-i-n photodiode. For a second receiver, operating at 58 GHz, a responsivity of 2-5 A/W is obtained. These receivers are, to our knowledge, the first high-gain millimeter-wavee long-wavelength photoreceivers monolithically integrated on GaAs. Their high responsivity makes them attractive for use in various microwave and millimeter-wave-over-fiber applications.