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Mikrokuevette fuer die Infrarotspektroskopie

Microcuvette for infrared spectroscopy
: Klumpp, A.; Hacker, E.

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DE 1991-4137060 A: 19911111
DE 1991-4137060 A: 19911111
DE 4137060 C2: 19931014
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The description relates to a cuvette for use in infrared spectroscopy. Cuvettes with narrow gap widths are used in infrared spectroscopy to investigate molecular vibrations in liquids. Frequently, molecular vibrations in liquid substances are linked to such a high absorption that no investigations on the non-thinned substance are possible using the cuvettes with the smallest gap width available on the market. Since added solvents affect the measuring result, the investigation of non-thinned substances is desirable. The cuvette according to the invention can be manufactured with a small gap width of up to 0.2 m, thus obviating the need for adding solvents. The cuvette has an inlet and an outlet window made of high-impedance silicon. A layer of silicon dioxide acts as a spacer between the windows. This layer contains a recess acting as a sample volume. The liquid substance is fed and removed by openings in the silicon disc. The cuvette is insensitive to mechanical stresses, temperatu re fluctuations and air humidity.