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Mikrobiell-enzymatische Herstellung eines Käsekomplexaromas

Microbial-enzymatic production of a cheese flavour concentrate
: Bez, J.; Brunner, M.; Luck, T.

Bioforum 16 (1993), Nr.5, S.150-153
ISSN: 0904-0079
ISSN: 0940-0079
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
aroma profile; Aromaprofil; cheese flavour; Enzym; enzyme; fermentation; Käsearoma; Mischkultur; mixed culture

The production of cheese flavours is based on the application of selected microorganisms and/or enzymes. Thus, the reactions of flavour formation occuring during natural ripening of cheese can be imitated. The described process deals with the fermentative production of hard cheese flavour using a mixed culture of pro- and eucaryotic microorganisms as well as lipolytic and proteolytic enzymes. Under suitable process conditions the desired cheese flavour develops within 4 days. It can be concentrated by means of ultrafiltration or drying. The produced flavour can be utilized as a natural additive in several sectors of the food industry.