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Micromechanical models for brittle and ductile fracture

: Riedel, H.

Oikawa, H.; Maruyama, K.; Takeuchi, S.; Yamaguchi, S. ; The Japan Institute of Metals -JIM-:
Strength of Materials. ICSMA 10
International Conference on the Strength of Materials <10, 1994, Sendai>
Fraunhofer IWM ()
brittleness; Bruch; cleavage; crack; damage mechanic; ductility; Duktilität; fracture; Gurson model; Gurson-Modell; Riß; Schädigungsmechanik; Spaltbruch; Sprödigkeit

The present paper summarizes the principles of brittle and ductile material behavior and describes the progress made in two selected areas of modeling fracture processes. The classical problem of the competition between cleavage crack extension and spontaneous dislocation emission from a crack tip is analysed in the framework of the Peierls concept, following recent work in the literature. Numerical cell model calculations describing plastic void growth and ductile fracture are reviewed. Resulting constitutive models are employed to model stable crack growth in ductile materials.