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Micro optic components on silicon platforms with etched micromechanical adjusting elements.

Mikrooptische Bauelemente auf Silizium-Plattformen mit geätzten mikromechanischen Justierelementen
: Konz, W.; Vogel, C.

Reichl, H.:
Micro System Technologies '92
Berlin: VDE-Verlag, 1992
S.309-312 : Abb.
International Conference on Micro Electro, Opto, Mechanic Systems and Components <3, 1992, Berlin>
Fraunhofer IPM ()
adjusting element; adjusting platform; adjustment; beam splitter; integrated adjusting element; integriertes Justierelement; Justierelement; Justierplattform; micro-mechanics; microoptics; Mikromechanik; Mikrooptik; Strahlteiler

A silicon platform with etched adjusting elements is used to fabricate micro optic devices. We report results on mask design and the etching process using KOH. The mounting of the optical parts is very simple. A beam splitter was fabricated for demonstration of the technology.